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Description: Green
Specification: 1. Benefit of using the product :
A. Generate the negative ion, improve the sleeping condition.
B. Expedite human's metabolism
C. Improve Human Immunity
D. Create atom of oxygen and improve function of the lung’s protective cilia
E. Quickly purify the air with decomposing the harmful air
F. Solid Healthy Perfume with permanent fragrance

2. Place suitable to use :
A. In living room – Improve the air quality, Avoid the AC disease, Kill the bacteria in the area
B. In the car – Quickly purify the air with eliminating the harmful air like toluene, carbon dioxide and dust, keep the air clean, eliminate fatigue to keep the driving safe
C. In the washroom – Eliminate the bad smell, keep the air clean with enough oxygen, decompose the harmful air from using the gas, keep the room safe.
D. In the bedroom – Purify the air in the room , Improve Human Immunity and sleeping quality.
E. In the office – Improve the air quality, keep people awake so to improve the working efficiency.

3. The comparison of negative ion in the nature and using the product :

Environments Content of Negative Ion pcs/cm3 The Relations to he human body
Forests / Waterfalls > 10000 Disease Self-recovery ability
Mountains / Beaches 2000 – 10000 Avoid disease happen
Field 1000 -- 2000 Improve human immunity
City Park 500 – 1000 Keep healthy
City Greenbelt 300 -- 500 Going to lead some disease
City Apartment 40 -- 100 Lead some disease
City Apartment with AC 0 -- 25 Lead AC disease
Using the negative ion generator > 10000 Disease Self-recovery ability

4. The appearance of the product:
The product appearance is high quality designed with latex paint surface, it is not only a high valued product but also a nice decoration piece.
Many colors optional : blue, red, yellow, white, black etc.

5. Product production standard
The product has many technology patents, it is produced under the supervision of National Institute of Metrology, China and The Institute of Environment Sanitation and Engineering, China.

6. Product Instruction Manual:
A. The product is suitable for any place, please put in 3 AAA batteries ( make sure anode and cathode are in the right position ) before using it .
B. Tune on the “POWER “ button so the red light shows in the thermometer , it then starts producing negative ion.
C. For the first time use, tune on the “NI HIGE” button, so the blue and red lights show in the thermometer at the same time, at this time , the product is in strong working period, it generates lots of negative ion, quickly sterilize and purify the air, the blue light will be off about five minutes automatically, then the product goes to the normal working period ( when only red light shows )
D. To keep the batteries work longer, please keep using normal working period ( when only red light shows ), make sure the batteries are fully charged, then the products can supervise the area environment effectively .
E. When using in the car, please use double side tape to fix the product in a right position.
F. To ensure the positive effect negative ion do to the environments, please try to put the product in an open area.
G. The product is including DC socket, please follow the following technical parameter when using it :
a. Voltage: 3.6-6V CD output
b. Charger plug size : OD – 3.0mm , ID – 1.0mm
c. The rechargeable batteries can be charged also if outer charger is charging.
d. The outer charger can be : Nokia mobile charge, USB charger etc.

7. Product accessories :
A. 3 AAA batteries ( with product )
B. Nokia car charger / charger ( optional )
C. USB charger ( optional )

8. Packaging size :
A. Carton size : 63*36.5*42cm
B. Carton quantity : 50pcs
C. N.W. : 15KG
D. G.W. : 15.5KG

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